Childish Anger.

Friendship, Repentance, Mercies

It’s the day of my seventh re-scheduling of the settlement of my home sale in New York state.

No, it’s still not sold.

I complained. A lot. I mouthed off in ways I haven’t really mouthed off in a good while.

I was ashamed. I was an embarrassment to my faith and to my family. Even—at least in my mind—to a friend of the family who is presently staying with us.

Oh, sure. There are many who would come along side me and, believing that they mean well, would say, “Hey, these real estate guys have been jerking your chain for weeks now. It’s totally understandable.”

But this family doesn’t do that. And this friend of the family also doesn’t do that.

Why not?

Because they’re the best kind of people to have around when you want to live as Christ commands. They are the kind of people who will come along side you to pray with you in your repentance. They are the kind of people who are willing to give the most mercy and the most grace and the most forgiveness when even the smallest amount of repentance is evident.

They are the kind of people who—if I didn’t stop my tirade, stop my selfishness, and confess my sin and ask for an undeserved repentance—would call me on it until I did.

Because love means speaking truth. And truth is spoken because of love.

Speaking of which, true friends are hard to find.

Also, just in case my difficulties seemed so insurmountable… The closing on our house in New York, though indefinitely waiting for a date, has not prevented our closing on our home in Tennessee due to unforeseen funds and circumstances which made a bank willing to go above and beyond what I could have expected.

These mercies of God—especially those ones that seemed impossible; that seemed so unlikely; that seemed too far out of reach—these are the ones that speak of His unending provision for His elect.

Yet still: those mercies don’t even come close to the mercies given in the form of true friends.

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  1. Gods ability to cause His Children, “Godly Sorrow” is proof of His unending love and His Faithfulness to create in us clean hearts and undefiled love. Thank you Lord for ALL your devotion to those you have chosen! There is NONE like the in ALL THE EARTH!! Allelujah!

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